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Check them out : Obscyria

Stockholm is home to many bands that are worth mentioning. Bands like Desolator, Phidion, Midvinterblot, Rifle and of course Obscyria. The Stockholm bands are actually really good bands despite their young age and when I listen to Obscyria and their 2013 release... read more

Lemmy Kilmister 1948-2015

I was still a real rookie when I first heard ”Ace of Spades” and started to listen to this Brittish band called Motörhead. I found a compilation cd somewhere and listened to it constantly. But even though I liked it I must admit I thought it was a bit to rough for me... read more

Niðhöggr : Ragnarök

Ragnarök is the debut album from the black metal band Nidhöggr. A Swedish band with member from well-known bands like Craft, Styggelse and Pagan Rites and the music is old school black metal in the veins of classic bands like Mörk Gryning and Allegiance. Last year... read more

Interview – Martin Missy : Protector

At the end of February Protector release their new album Cursed and Coronated, the second album since the formation of the latest incarnation of the classic thrash band. I took the opportunity to ask a few question to their singer Martin Missy and here are his answers... read more


Great Artists/Labels and People that have helped us along the way…

Creator of nightmares, Mesozord is the master of horrific monsters and devilish beings.  He created the design for our shirts.
Amazing band logo and our logo designer, check out his work… it speaks for itself
Reviving past treasures and creating new ones, Repulsive Echo, metal fans creating metal music!